BitDefender Antivirus Plus 2020 Review

BitdefenderBitDefender Antivirus Pro 2020 is a well known computer security product that is intended to protect and eliminate threats from your computer system. It is also one of the highest ranked paid antivirus software in the year 2020. It can perform a very good job in identifying malware and removing infestations. All of these features make this innovative product worth a look.

BitDefender Pro 2020 – Installation and Interface

Bitdefnder AV Pro 2020 is compatible with various operating systems such as Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows 7 and SP4. The installation process can take up to 20 minutes and can be completed with a single reboot. This may be quite longer compared to other antivirus products in the market, but the entire flow can be smooth and presents less interruption.

It comes with three types on interface such as the basic, intermediate and expert that allows you to choose an interface that suits your PC’s knowledge level. Typically, the more advanced you go, the more features you will have to explore. For regular PC users, the basic mode can be more than enough due to its directness and simplicity. This is the same thing with the intermediate mode which is very different when it comes to the expert interface. It is more advanced and filled with complex tabs making it appear complicated. However, if you are well versed in computers and you are not easily daunted by toggling button and knobs then you may give this a try.

BitDefender AV Pro 2020 Features and Benefits

Although this software is not the best when it comes to malware detection and elimination tests it has managed to obtain good marks. In the test, this program was able to detect malware at 97.5% compared to the 99% of the top performers. This test is conducted to detect how well a program can locate malware threats.

This software seems to be a very good one, but also possesses certain drawbacks. In actuality, BitDefender Pro 2020 seems fall below when it comes to halting live malware threats. In the test, this product was able to prevent 68% completely and additional 20% partially. Although this is the case it is not the worst performer in this specific category.

But then, it is very strong when it comes to cleaning PC infection once it reaches into your PC. It has the capacity to identify and remove all infections with high accuracy. This is the advantage of BitDefender Pro 2020 from other similar products in the market. This software can also perform quick scans and has less effect on your PC performance.

Overall, this antivirus product is very effective in cleaning up infections that are exiting in your PC. Apart from this, it also does a good job in identifying known malware. However, it has a user interface that is a little bit confusing and has the tendency to encounter problems in identifying new malware. The bottom line is this product is an excellent tool that can detect malware and disinfect your PC despite the fact that it may have difficulty preventing new malware.