Types of Slots Games at Casinos

Not all casinos are equal. Regular casinos and general online casinos will have a lot of different games without featuring a lot of different types of each game. That’s a tradeoff that a lot of people are willing to make in order to play all of their favorite games in one place, but if you want any specialized games, such as different slots, you’ll need to join a casino. Best option is to choose from this list at newcasinosites.org

What types of slots games are out there that make it worth joining a slot casino?

Types of Slots Games

Here is a little bit about the various types of slots you might find online:

  • Video Slots
    These are usually the most exciting slot games. You’ll have fun, crazy graphics and lots of sound effects for each spin. Sometimes when you get a certain combination on one of your paylines than a video sequence will play.
  • Classic Slots
    Slots that don’t feature a lot of graphic sequences and special effects are the classic slots. They are still a lot of fun and you can play more times per hour with these than with video slots. Sometimes they are a bit plain, but that is not always a bad thing.
  • Themed Slots
    You can bet that when a new superhero movie comes out, or any other movie or story that gets a lot of attention, a themed slot is going to appear! Best example is the Marvel slot series by Playtech They also pop up around major holidays each year. These might be original games, or they could be a pre-existing game that’s been given a holiday makeover.
  • Differences in Jackpots
    The only other different types of slots are usually the progressive versus constant jackpot games. Progressive jackpots increase the potential jackpot winnings each time the game is played or at specific time periods until someone wins it all. Constant jackpots always have the same maximum winnings.