New online casinos promotions

Casino games are famous for various types of bonuses. Bonus is a motivation to play and the first incentive for every possibile participant. There are a lot of promotions trying to engage customers attention. Here are some of them and at new casino sites you can find more

888 Casino offers a great promotion options on every Sunday. You can earn up to 500€ FreePlay by participating in the raffle. This game is available from any place on computer or your mobile phone. The only thing you have to do is charging your account every Sunday, enter the game code and place one or more bets.

Winner Casino offers Bonus Bonanza promotion. Every day you can take part and try to earn one of possibile 100 bonuses for lucky players. Everything that you need is to play games every day and place a bet. When you do so, automatically you are participant in raffle and potential winner.
Also, there is a chance to earn winner’s comp points. In order to earn comp points you have to place a bet each time you play the game. By collecting these points you can easily convert them in real money.

Mansion casino gives possbility for their users to earn great bonuse. The only requirement is to deposit account with 25-500€ on the first day of each month by using free code. This code is only usuable once so take advantage of this opportunity. You can earn up to 5000€.

Tropicana casino gives you opportunity to return eventual losses, so you don’t have to worry about crash. In the begining, you have to deposit your account with minimum 10€ and place a bet. If you don’t have a luck then Cash Back helps you to have your money again in your hands. It is recommended to use Cash Back in the first 7 days after your first deposit and bet.